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Everybody knows it is not good to fight. Even though they know it, war does not disappear in the world. Why does not it?

Before we think of world or war, let us think of our circumstances.
Please look within your heart. Do not you conflict with your staff, colleague or supervisor at your work? How is it at home? If you are a housewife, do not you conflict with your husband, father or mother in law? If you are husband, do not you conflict with your wife or family members?

How is it within your heart, though you look superficially happy? 
Can you say “I live happily and richly everyday” with your confidence?
It looks like the fire of conflict does not exist outward, but exists within.

Most of people do not realize it, but look for the cause outward and act under an illusion as it will be resolved, if we change outward.

The picture of the darkest place under the candlestick must be our mental state. Is not it said also to be the current social and world state?
The sick part of body will be treated by the doctor. However, nobody will find the defect or distortion in our hearts, unless we try to look at them.
More likely, it is our mental state that everybody thinks “I am right. Somebody else is wrong” and does not think of the cause existing within.

We think that all causes exist within us. We do not try to change outward but look at and change within us. Nothing will be changed without this turnaround in consciousness.
It is our publishing philosophy at UTA book publishing for many people to know this simple truth and live their happy lives. We have continued our publication activities for many people to know it.

However, we can not help it, if there are nobody to read them, though we publish our books. Hence, we have solicited the advocates and have continued to donate our books to the libraries in Japan.
For the first time, we think of the possibility to donate our books to the libraries in the United States. There are many Japanese Americans in the United States. We would like them to read, moreover, would like for American people with many races to read our books.
Hence, we have provided the translation, though it is unskillful literal translation.
We think that there is no border for the conscious world. We would leave these books for the generous hearts of American people who accept everything